WP 1 System specifications:

The consortium will define the finer specifications and requirements for the development of POLLINS system.

WP 2 Development of rolling type High Power Ultrasonic System

Ultrasonics is one of the most popular inspection techniques in non-destructive testing. The overall aim of this work package is to develop an innovative high power ultrasonic system for assessment of soil contamination and pollution.

WP 3 Software development for soil contamination visualization

This work package is focused in the development of a software that will allow the soil contamination visualization from the data received by all sensors carried out from the vehicle. In order to implement this WP, certain models and algorithms will be developed along with the implementation of image analysis techniques.

WP 4 Development a suite of chemical sensors (pH, humidity, heavy metal) and SAW

The main aim of this WP is to develop chemical sensors which will be able to detect soil contamination by heavy metals and organic pollution. Additionally, sensors that will provide data about the humidity and pH will be developed as they are correlated with soil contamination.

WP 5 Development of the remote controlled robotic vehicle and integration of the NDT techniques

In the work package 5, a remote controlled robotic vehicles will be developed which will be able to carry out the developed sensors and the required equipment for the chemical analysis of soil contamination.

WP 6 Demonstration and field trials

The developed Pollins system will be first demonstrated in laboratory and then in field trials.  

WP 7 Training

The main focus of this WP is to prepare and deliver training for SMEs and SME-AGs partners in order to take advantage of the technical, economic and commercial benefits of the new inspection system.


WP 8 Dissemination and preparation for the exploitation of POLLINS results

During this work package, the POLLINS results will be disseminated in a targeted manner to maximize the impact of the project’s results


WP 9 Consortium Management




A new DoW is implemented (version date 2017-06019).

Partners TNDT, OIKON and ATIC were terminated